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Wild Tales Review

Wild Tales

This Argentinian movie is made up six separate stories. Each story is based on a comic tragedy. Each of the six parts of the movie has their own name: "Pasternak", "Las Ratas", "El más fuerte", "Bombita", "La Propuesta", and "Hasta que la muerte nos separe".

Wild Tales


While all of the parts are entertaining I found “Pasternak” to have the most humor in it.


This part is about a plane filled with people that all have some sort of connection to a man named Pasternak. One was his girlfriend another a teacher who held him back a grade, a Home Depot manager who fired him, and a music critic who found his work lacking.

The people eventually realize that everyone on the plan knew Pasternak in some way before the plane eventually crashed into Pasternak’s parent’s house. All of the stories involve some sort of revenge story like the one in “Pasternak” and each of them has their own unique twist.

Everyone can snap!

The similar theme of revenge and humor ties all of these stories together to make them into one movie that flows from one wild tale to the next seamlessly.

If you have a dark sense of humor then spend two hours watching these humorous, wild, twisting tales come to life on their screen.

Brilliant, Clever, dark and funny!