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Top TV-Shows For 2015

Top TV-Shows for 2015

2014 has certainly flown by as fast as any year I can remember. Some great TV show seasons have come and gone, but there is always a new season or fresh series on the horizon.

Just when you think the “Golden Age of TV” is winding down, another show comes along to grab the attention of millions. Here are some of the most anticipated shows for 2015.

Get your popcorn ready!


The Last Man on Earth

Starts up in 2015 as a new comedy. There has been a huge shortage of good comedy shows for quite a while now.


Falling Skies

Is not super complicated, but it is very entertaining. If you want simple action and sci-fi adventure to take the edge off a long day, this is a good show for just that.



Ok, HBO’s “Leftovers” has nearly driven me crazy with all the theories and possibilities of that story line. Now the network is launching another show, “Utopia” that is sure to confuse the hell out of me and tangle my brain with plot twists. This show will follow the exploits of a cult following that gets wrapped up in an underground graphic novel release. Weird enough for you?


House Of Cards

Returns for season three in 2015. This show is a bingers best friend. You can watch from start to finish as soon as it is released. That is a double edged sword once you run through it and realize there is no more to watch for a while!



I am down for anything that “The Rock” stars in. “Ballers” looks to be a funny take on a group of jocks making their way through the sports world. The show was written by Stephen Levinson of “Entourage” fame, which is enough to wet my appetite.


The Walking Dead

This show is up and down for me with some less than great writing at times. But it is the most popular TV show in cable history for a reason. People love a zombie plot and the human element makes it a must see.

Better Call Saul

Is a “Breaking Bad” spinoff with lots of potential. It is a potential hit or a disaster waiting to happen. I believe it to be the former. It can’t live up to the show it is based off of, but the main character is highly interesting and the plot lines should be endless.


Mad Men

Will end its run as one of the best five shows in TV history. The seventh season will close out with seven episodes in 2015. You still have time to catch up on Netflix before the end arrives.


True Detective

Can season two of “True Detective” live up to what the initial season delivered? I doubt it, but I am hopeful. Anything on HBO is worth a watch in my book. This season involves a whole new cast and storyline.


Game Of Thrones

“Game Of Thrones” is simply the best show on TV. Last season wrapped up with some devastating plot lines that kept us shocked and salivating for more. No show’s season goes by faster. That is the mark of a truly amazing television series.