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Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

As you may know, Twitter is your number one tool in creating an audience and getting better leads and prospects. Twitter is your open door towards business popularity and brand trust, and you just can’t do without it!

Here are some tips to get noticed on Twitter:

1. Profile is the key!

Use a clean, high resolution and relevant ‘profile and cover’ image. Don’t look like a spammer or fake user. Be a professional!

2. Unique Bio!

Your bio is the only place you have to tell people who you are. People are always looking to follow new people, so write a unique bio for you.

3. Engage your current followers.

Ask questions, suggestions, opinions to get your followers engaged. Their one retweet can give you hundreds of new followers.

4. Use Hashtags!

Hashtag represents the topic. It can expose your brand in front of millions who’re searching for that topic.

5. Retweet Others.

If you find something interesting, don’t hesitate to retweet it. Most of them will follow you as a sign of appreciation.

Stick to these tips and start building your twitter empire.

Good Luck!