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Illustrator Tricks

Illustrator Tricks You Never Knew You Needed To Know

Everyone knows that feeling of complete exasperation when you’ve been slaving away at something in Illustrator only to have someone get it done within seconds.

Here’s where you get to learn about that frustrating sorcery and make life much, much easier for yourself.

Scale and Stroke

Altering the size of an object in illustrator often leaves you with a result that looks like it was in the magic fun house, looking too fat or too thin. Resetting all the stroke weights on your content is just not the way to go. Just head over to Preferences and select the option to not alter stroke weights with changes in scale.

Clipping Paths Begone

Well, we all love clipping paths but surely there must be an easier way. Instead of trimming around the lines, select the button at the bottom of the toolbar to draw inside shape you’re creating directly.

Paste in Place

CTRL +V is your friend but there is a dark horse lurking behind that can be your absolute bestie. That is the Paste in Place command (Shift + CTRL +V). Now you no longer have to deal with the suddenly dumped object in the middle of the screen and align it where you want it to be.

Blend Directions

Creating awesome gradients using the Blend command is pretty common. All you have to do is place two objects, head over to Blend>Object> Make and Voila. The trick you can use to add to that magic is changing the direction of the blend. Simply draw a path wherever you want and as whacky as you want. Select the previously created Blend along with your path. Head over to Object>Blend> Replace Spine and you have your own masterpiece.

Pattern Libraries

This is one where you want to smack yourself across the head for missing out on and it’s happened to more people than would care to admit. Everyone has spent precious time creating custom patterns without the knowledge of the same pattern hanging out in the default gallery. Simply slide out the Swatches Palette, Open the Swatch Library, click on patterns and proceed to be amazed by this world of amazing patterns.

Paint Bucket

Microsoft Paint has ruined us. We all long for the days when we could fill shapes with the Live Paint Bucket when creating those Mondrian Designs. In illustrator however we have to create a shape with the color previously selected or trace the line work with the colored shape. Or do we?

Luckily, there is a Paint Bucket Tool in the toolbar that we’ve been over looking that can take us back to our middle school days.

Keep on Creating, People!