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Tips to find inspiration as a Web Designer

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Web Design is wonderful, vital work and if you’ve gone to the trouble of making it your career, it’s obvious you love it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fall into the trap of things growing stagnant, as anyone whose career is driven by creativity can fall prey to it.

Twitter Tips

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As you may know, Twitter is your number one tool in creating an audience and getting better leads and prospects. Twitter is your open door towards business popularity and brand trust, and you just can’t do without it!

Four Steps to Becoming a Better Father

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Being a parent is never easy and being a father can sometimes be challenging as moms are usually the go-to parent. But fathers play an important role in their child’s development.

Njay – DevianArt

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Njay is an artist who has contributed his art to DevianArt. Typically his painting/art are like comic art and all the characters portrayed resemble many comic type heroes.